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marathon is called off. plus, the election only four days away, this country's african-american >> carolyn: little known form of therapy is gaining attention in a new film called sessions, it involves surrogate partners. >> carey is a single professional who has gone through a profound change. she gives the credit to a professional sexual surrogate. >> i got my life. >> her fear of physical intimacy stemmed from physical sexual abuse as a child. >> so i just knew i needed something hands on. >> she was very scared. she was scared of human connection. >> trained surrogates can help clients conquer physical barriers from psych lodge issues. >> can you teach someone to swim by thuak therapy. telling them a story how to ride a bike, scenes no. >> it's been around for decades. supporters pointed to the use of surrogate partners by masters and johnson back in the 1950s but interest in the practice has increased dramatically following the release of a documentary and now a fe film. length film. >> it details the relationship between a journalist and bay area surrogate partner played by helen hunt
but no trains stopped at that station. >> your voice, your vote. just ten days until the presidential election. today the president rallied a crowd of 8500 people in new hampshire. he hit mitt romney on his record as massachusetts governor. president obama said romney targeted the middle class with unnecessary fees and taxes. the president also said it will be hard for romney to accomplish all of the last-minute promises he is making right now. >> in florida mitt romney says the president shrunk from the promises he made. romney says he won't do that and says his tenure of president would include more cooperation across at the isle. rom roll told the crowd now is not the time to demonize political opponented and wants to build bridges with the democrats. >> both president obama and mitt romney have cancelled campaign stops because of hurricane sandy. a stop in virginia will not happen because of the growing threat from sandy, and first lady michelle obama cancelled an appearance in new hampshire tuesday. president obama will head back to the white house from florida sunday night to begin monit
early on that obviously didn't materialize about maybe postponing the election a week or two, but would be a logistical or perhaps legal nightmare. >> absentee ballots or absentee voting is being delayed a bit. >> a little bit. >> extending it. >> trying to do what they can to accommodate many people. but if you lost your home, you're oust power, the last thing on your mind is who is going to be the president. you're worried about getting through the day and putting food on your table. some will be distracted. you have to worry about the impact on turnout. people have greater concerns. >> of course, of course. >> when mother nature is concern number one, not the white house. so we have to see how it plays out. at least states are taking steps to accommodate folks. you just wonder, though, in the aftermath of the election, particularly as tight as they say, what about this state and this area, we couldn't get to the polls. >> and the legal challenges if it's very, very close. i suspect we're going to see that, as well. >> exactly. could end up in court again, but we hope for the best, bu
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3